Sunday, 15 July 2012

Vanilla Bean Cake with Teal and Peach Swirl

After making an ombre cake, I was sort of obsessing with gradient colours on cakes, I think they look very appealing and pretty.

For this week I was making a vanilla bean cake with the actual vanilla bean (not the paste) and this was actually the first time I saw the bean! Never seen one before and I didn't even know that the Supermarket at the city that I live in sells them.

So I followed her tutorial for the pastel swirl look, I used teal and peach colours as they are the perfect match for one another. As a novice, I found it so hard to ice side of the cake, it was always so messy and never smooth! Nevertheless, I think I was doing quite ok with the icing this time and really love the colours!

The cake tastes so delicious and very tasty, I love it! I followed the exact recipe, only changed the icing to butter-cream icing.

I was pretty happy with the overall look, but I hope I can do better next time <3

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  1. I made a blue gradient cake, it's not as pretty, but it tasted good!
    Check it out on my blog:
    A Blog About Nothing