Monday, 9 July 2012

Mini Pink Ombre Cake

I used to love the red velvet cake from this little Italian restaurant in Senopati, Jakarta (Indonesia), however it was so hard to get them. I came by at their restaurant in the morning, afternoon, evening, and the waiter always said they’re sold out (I don’t know whether they’re really sold out or just didn’t make them). It seems that there is more chance in meeting Hollywood celebrities than getting their cake. Since then, I was thinking why don't I make my own cake?!

I was browsing through the Internet to find the delicious cake recipes and discovered that there are so many (and many and many more!) blogs about baking! I was blown away by their creativity in arranging and decorating the cakes, and also their generosity for sharing the tutorials & their recipes with all of us.

I stumbled across this post and I was inspired to make an ombre cake and last weekend I finally made my own mini pink ombre vanilla cake – I love pink! This was my second attempt in baking my own cake. Since I am still new to baking there are lots of things that I still need to learn. For example, I have to fully ensure that I follow the recipe letter by letter otherwise it just won’t work! I learned this in a hard way, my first pink cake didn’t rise enough and the texture was more like a pancake rather than a cake.

For the second attempt, I made sure that the ingredients being called in the recipe were measured as precisely as possible, the oven temperature was correct and ensured that I properly follow the tutorial for the icing decoration. And… Voila!

It was delicious and not too sweet – just what I like. The icing decoration was simple yet stunningly beautiful (although still nothing compare to the original tutor).


  1. I made a blue ombre cake, it's not as pretty, but it tasted good!
    Check it out on my blog:
    A Blog About Nothing